HCI3’s CMMI Bundled Payment Analytics and Reporting Tools

HCI3’s CMMI Bundled Payment Analytics and Reporting Tools

CMMI Bundled Payment Freeware Analysis Package

The CMMI Bundled Payment Freeware Analysis Package is now available. Fill out the free license agreement to download. 

In collaboration with Brandeis University and consultant G Liu, HCI3 has developed an analytic application to help all CMMI Bundled Payment Pilot applicants analyze Medicare data provided by CMS, and file their applications for the pilot. We have provided this package free of charge because we believe that this pilot has a significant potential of changing payment in the US, more so than any other pilot undertaken to-date by CMS. We want to encourage as many provider organizations as possible to apply for the pilot and engage in a much needed positive transformation of the US health care system, which is the core mission of HCI3.

This SAS-based package, which builds on the PROMETHEUS Payment® model’s Evidence-informed Case Rates® (ECRs®) is limited to 79 MS-DRGs. Users have the option to analyze MS-DRGs outside the 79 defined in this package, but must supply their own episode definitions, including a list of exclusions. The 79 included MS-DRGs map to the following conditions/procedures: Acute Myocardial Infarction, Pneumonia, Stroke, CABG (with and without) Valve Replacement, Percutaneous Coronary Intervention, Hip/Knee Replacement, Colon Resection, Gall Bladder Surgery, Hysterectomy, Diabetes Hospitalizations, CHF Hospitalizations, Asthma & COPD Hospitalizations.

The package includes a Data Prep program, which organizes the data sent by CMS and enables it to be read into the analytic program in order to generate the data elements that are necessary to establish an episode bid price. The package will be accompanied by robust instructions and will allow users to perform an historical episode analysis to inform applications for Models 2, 3, and 4 of the CMMI Bundled Payment Pilot. It will also include reports that are required for the application itself and additional outputs that can help to inform the episode selection, target price, contracting, and gain-sharing arrangements. There are two layers of reports: (1) base reports from the package; and (2) dynamic reports developed by BNL Consulting that require the installation of free additional Java-based applications.

Analysis Package Download

CMMI Bundled Payment Freeware Analysis Package

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Reporting Application

HCI3, working with BNL Consulting, has developed a reporting add-on to our CMMI Bundled Payment Analytic Package. The Reporting Application is a bolt-on, dynamic reporting structure that allows the user to filter the results of their analysis by DRG, time window, and provider.

CMMI Bundled Payment Reporting Application

SAS FREE 60 Day Limited PC License

Call SAS to get a FREE 60 day limited PC license copy of SAS (PC Analytics Pro and SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files) to run your files distributed by CMS with HCI3’s CMMI Bundled Payment Freeware Analysis Package. Call 1-877-692-6033.



How to Make CMMI Bundled Payment Submissions Easier – Freeware Tools to Help Providers  
Tuesday, April 3, 2-3pm ET

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CMMI Bundled Payment Pilot Analysis and Reporting Overview
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Additional Assistance

We’re sorry, but HCI3 is not available for consulting or technical assistance related to the CMMI Bundled Payment Pilot. If you have questions, see the CMMI Bundled Payment Pilot Google Group. There you can connect with HCI3, SAS and other healthcare organizations and share experiences and best practices and if you don’t see your questions answered, post it. Our Additional Assistance page offers listing of third-party organizations who can consult and provide technical assistance.