Alliance Annual Meeting 2013 with Francois de Brantes – Playlist



Episode of Care: Diabetes – 2:24
A physician discusses with his patient how episode of care payment incentivizes him to work with the team to help make sure his patient is managing his diabetes properly.


Episode of Care: Knee Replacement – 2:10
A physician talks to his patient about her new knee, how he’s coordinated with other caregivers to help her, how she needs to help herself and where to get acute care if needed. Why? His compensation is based on how we she recovers…
Bundled Payments: An Overview – (Parts 1-3)
Division of Health Care Finance and Policy’s Assistant Commissioner, Stacey Eccleston, provides a comprehensive overview of bundled payments, how they differ from fee-for-service payments, and the different available methodologies for developing them.
Health Quality Summit: Promoting Quality through Payment Redesign – 52:23
From the National Summit on Health Care Quality and Value, October 4, 2010. Examining provider payment methodologies and payment reforms designed to reward high quality, efficient health care
Episodes of Care: Claims Explained – 2:47
A conversation between plans that explains how episode of care claims are made and processed. How health care pay for performance programs are involved, even educating employees about episode of care payment.


Providers and Plans: The Episode of Care Contract – 3:12
A conversation between a plan and provider illustrates how to help remove anxiety by explaining how the episode of care contract decreases anxiety about a new payment model by removing risk outside of the control of the provider.
BCBSNC on Bridges to Excellence – 1:22
Dr. Genie Komives, senior medical director at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, describes results from the company’s Bridges to Excellence health care quality program for physicians.


Bill Gets His Test Results
 – 3:32

A conversation between a physician and his patient helps illustrate how we might start educating consumers about episode-of-care payment.


Bill Tries to Change Hospitals
 – 3:42

A conversation between a plan CSR and a plan member helps illustrate how we might start educating consumers about episode-of-care payment.