The PROMETHEUS Analytics© were developed to do exactly what the name suggests: analyze episodes of care from claims data to create an ECR budget that can be used for value-based payment models and performance evaluation in order to improve the quality of care and patient outcomes. The system contains all the core components and logic to fully evaluate and support payment reform models by helping you determine:

  • what kinds of reform will be most effective and where the reform should be focused
  • the potential for savings or improvement of care
  • who are the most efficient and highest quality providers

Key Features

PROMETHEUS Analytics© is constructed of key features that no other analytical system currently offers:

1) PROMETHEUS Analytics© separates costs of “typical” care from costs associated with potentially avoidable complications, or PACs. PACs, at the core, are events that negatively impact patients and are controllable by providers. Prospective ECR budgets created by the PROMETHEUS Analytics© include an allowance for PACs, which can act as an incentive to improve quality and reduce unwarranted costs.

The separation of PAC versus Typical costs also allows for performance comparisons of providers as a high PAC rate can be an indicator of low quality where as a low PAC rate can be associated to high quality care. For example, the following graph shows specific providers, represented by bubbles, and their average costs of PACs and Typical care for a specific episode. Providers in the lower left quadrant are both more efficient and higher quality.



Complications can be signification source of variation in cost, so by identifying them, it enables the creation of a plan to decrease overall costs while improving the quality of care.

2) PROMETHEUS Analytics© is comprised of an overarching clinical logic in which episodes are associated with one another. This allows inferences about costs of care at many different levels, and contracting at different levels of accountability. See the Core Components of ECR Analytics for more information.

3) While most analytical systems typically have static rules, the PROMETHEUS Analytics© allows for flexibility and parameter changes within episodes. This permits for accurate customization within the specific dataset to fit user needs based on what the analysis is being used for (i.e. bundled payments, cost and quality analysis).

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